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LUXE wearhouse began in 2013 with a vision to create a friendly, luxury shopping experience without the high price tags.  We recognized a need in the retail market and with that LUXE was born.  We pride ourselves on bringing our customers the most current, fashionable finds at great prices.  At LUXE we focus on exceptional customer service in a comfortable boutique environment. 

We hope you enjoy LUXE as much as we do! 

XO Marcy and Annie

My mantra in life is to LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE. I do my best to LIVE every moment, LAUGH every day and LOVE beyond words. I am the mother to 2 amazing kids (Austin and Sienna) and a wife to a wonderful husband (Rob). My husband and kids are my constant reminders of the importance of keeping a balance in my life. LUXE is a huge part of my life and I am happy to say I enjoy going to work everyday and being able to have a career that gives me a chance to do what I love. 

When I am not at LUXE you can find me cheering on my kids while they are playing sports, having a drink with a friend or squeezing in a date night with my husband. My life is crazy busy but I couldn't imagine it any other way! 

I love fashion but I love being casual! My go to outfit is a t-shirt and jeans. I love to dress up on occasion but would consider my style casual chic.

My life is currently a balancing act between family, friends, LUXE and community. I have a passion for life and style.  I stay busy juggling LUXE and my son (Barritt) and my daughter (Alice).  My kids are still little but seem to be growing up so fast! My husband (Brian) is loving and patient and supports me as I manage my LUXE life with everything else! We love to travel, spend time with family and be involved with several charities that we feel passionate about.  

My wardrobe is mostly filled with classic items (I am especially drawn to cashmere sweaters and wraps), but I love to experiment with quirky fashion trends and throw in an unexpected piece. I would describe my ‘dressed up’ style as urban chic. 

Getting dressed for a day with your kids can be just as important as a business meeting. I am quickly learning that being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but creating a style that builds your confidence can be a game changer.

2 Locations


LUXE Kildeer

20771 N. Rand Rd

Kildeer, IL 60047



LUXE Vernon Hills

863 N. Milwaukee Ave

Vernon Hills, IL 60061